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TMJ Therapy - Greeley, CO

Relieves Chronic Jaw Pain

Man holding jaw in pain before TMJ therapy

Try placing your fingertips under each ear and opening your mouth. Do you feel something moving beneath the skin as you do so? This is your temporomandibular joint (more simply referred to as the TMJ), which facilitates crucial, everyday jaw motions like chewing food, speaking clearly, yawning, and more. Unfortunately, this area is susceptible to dysfunction over time like the rest of the body, and severe pain can be the unpleasant result.

Contact our dental office today if you suspect that you may be a victim of TMJ disorder. Dr. Cure and Dr. Smith can review your condition thoroughly and recommend one of our dedicated techniques for TMJ therapy in Greeley, CO. By the end of treatment, your smile’s overall harmony should be restored.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Digital x-rays of jaw joints on tablet computer

TMJ disorder is complex, and no two cases of it are exactly the same. That’s why it’s important to not only schedule regular visits with a trusted dental office, but also raise the alarm if you experience any troubling symptoms on a consistent basis. Common indications of TMJ disorder include the following:

· Chronic discomfort that’s located in the jaw, head, neck, face, and/or shoulders

Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

Model smile in mechanical TMJ dysfunction testing system

TMJ disorder may be caused by an incorrect alignment of the patient’s bite, which can lead to irregular pressure and dysfunction. In this case, our dentists may recommend occlusal adjustment, which is also sometimes referred to as “equilibration.” During this procedure, we will carefully alter the surfaces of certain teeth to help them meet properly, taking care to be as conservative as possible. Patients struggling with bruxism (teeth grinding) or excessive dental sensitivity may also find that their symptoms are alleviated after this type of treatment!

Occlusal Splints

Model smile with occlusal splint for TMJ therapy

Occlusal splints are custom-made oral appliances that can help alleviate TMJ-related symptoms. Your device will be designed to hold your jaw in a more proper resting position when worn, reducing strain and minimizing harmful habits like bruxism (teeth grinding) that may occur when the patient is sleeping. Many patients find that the continual use of an occlusal splint can even result in permanent improvements for their jaw health, which is always our team’s goal.

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