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Periodontal Therapy – Greeley, CO

Protecting Your Gums From Further Infection

A young woman with red gums in need of periodontal therapy

Are your gums red and puffy? Do they feel tender to the touch? Do they bleed when you brush or floss your teeth? If so, you’re battling a condition that dentists see every day – gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease, this is one of the most common problems in the United States, affecting around 80% of the population. The good news is that these symptoms and infection can be treated. How? Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Blake Cure provide periodontal therapy in Greeley to eliminate plaque and tartar that forms within your mouth. Using effective methods, they can restore your oral health and provide the necessary tips to prevent gum disease from returning. If you’re ready to treat your gum disease and prevent possible tooth loss, contact our dental office to schedule an appointment today.

What is Gum Disease?

A dentist cleaning between a patient’s teeth and gums to prevent gum disease

Also known as periodontal disease, this occurs in stages. First, you might be familiar with gingivitis, which is the first stage. When bacteria and plaque begin to form above the gum line, your gums will become red, inflamed, and may even bleed. This is reversible with a thorough cleaning by our dentists and practicing good oral habits at home.

If gingivitis goes untreated, it can advance into periodontitis, which causes pockets to form around your gums. This allows for bacteria and food particles to become trapped, resulting in the spread of infection which can enter your bloodstream and cause other health-related problems like cardiovascular disease.

Why is Gum Disease so Serious?

Animated image of removing plaque buildup around the gums during periodontal therapy

If you think bleeding gums aren’t a big deal, you may want to consider how the infection in your gums is impacting your overall health. Not only is your mouth being negatively affected, but the following problems can occur because of gum disease:

You might also experience a heart attack, stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, and low birth weight if you’re pregnant.

Understanding Periodontal Therapy

A female patient in the dentist chair for periodontal therapy

Regular visits to the dentist are imperative if you want to maintain good oral health. Protecting your teeth and gums from periodontal disease is important, which means allowing our team of experts to check and treat gum disease. If we notice a problem developing, we can provide gum disease treatment in Greeley.

Charting and Diagnostic Services

If you have gum disease, the periodontist will make sure to keep a record of your gum health. This will allow our dentists and hygienists to treat the problem before it worsens. If your gums do not appear tight against your teeth, it may be that pockets have formed. Our dental hygienists will make a note of how deep the pockets are and track any changes that might indicate early stages of periodontal disease.

Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease treatment is nothing to be afraid of, especially since it is being performed by our team of dental experts. Scaling and root planing are offered to individuals who suffer from moderate periodontal disease. Scaling is a process that removes plaque above and below the gum line. Once this is finished, root planing will smooth out the root and prevent infection from reoccurring.

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